10 Rules to Live a Positive Life

INFORCART | by sam

One of the techniques to achieving greater success, positivity and freedom in all areas of your life is to develop a basic set of "personal principles of living." The truth is, it is possible to have a positive life now. If you want a positive and contented life, here are ten rules to stay. Consider every day as a blessing

Be habitual of waking up with the definition of a new day given to you - a wonderful new opportunity to experience life, grow, eat, laugh, give, discover, dance, dream, create and discover.

Accept your skin

For a positive life, feel comfortable in your skin. None complete. Accept yourself with what was born to you regardless of your background, skin, nose, eyes, hair, etc. You have to accept yourself as to who you are and love yourself.

Be positive in every situation

You will always have unbearable situations in your life that are beyond your control. You can choose to feel sad, angry, upset, or stressed about the situation or turn it around and focus on the positive. Learn from failure and bad experiences.

Avoid overanalyzing

Overanalyzing is about thinking about something, thinking about it repeatedly, trying to dig deeper and deeper, because somehow you believe it can give you a way out. When in doubt, we are relieved to have some analysis. Most of the time, we never really get an answer but a set of worries.

Practice the art of acceptance

If you work with a happy heart and light, long moments, you will feel free and more energetic.

Find light in people

People may do things that make you feel frustrated, hurt, or angry, or they have nothing in common with you - but you can choose to look beyond these external factors and focus on shared humanity and death.

Do not worry about the future

Many of us are worried. We care about our future, our careers, our health, our lives, finances, and the people we love. We are worried because we are scared. However, worrying doesn't do any good unless we stop worrying and start moving towards our goals.

Practice the art of giving, not returning

Try to give more without asking for anything in return, and notice how the positive emotions you feel when you see someone else's happiness and comfort outweigh the considerable return on your investment

Be open-minded

If you are not open-minded, which means that you stand firm on your beliefs and ideas and oppose others who think otherwise, you will feel very irritated and anxious when in front of you.

Embrace a new level of uncertainty

Often, we stop taking risks, pursue our dreams and create the life we want to live because we don't know how to get there or it will work. We protect ourselves in our comfort zones and the protection of the 'known' - without acknowledging that these safe conditions can change at any moment without warning, so in many ways, we are more secure than the name implies.