5 Reasons to make your website AMP
(Accelerated Mobile Page)

INFORCART | by sam

According to the insights, 62% of the people won’t come back to the mobile site when they face trouble loading the page. It means that when a mobile page takes much time to load, people don’t wait for it and they just bounce back. To minimize the bounce back rate, people amplify the websites.

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source platform, developed by Google to reduce the load time for web pages and ensure that mobile pages operate at the optimal speed. The goal of AMP development was to create consistent, fast and creative web pages that operates at cross platform devices and distributed platforms.

5 Reasons to make your website AMP

The following are 5 reasons why to implement AMPs on your website in 2021:

1. Faster Loading Time

This was the main goal behind the idea of developing AMP. AMP helps the web pages to load quickly and it enables the heavy websites to load in the one go. It is particularly useful for the mobile users for good online impression and fastest browsing.

2. Lower Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the idea of how many people visits the website’s landing page and how many leave the page without any further browsing. Majority of the heavy websites take much time to load into the mobile device and it force people to leave the site and never come again. AMP reduces the bounce rate by allowing the users to get instant access to the mobile page.

3. Higher Performance

Other than faster reload time and good performing websites, AMP is also designed to make the website more flexible. It is developed on the idea that mobile users wants the results immediately and they don’t wait for the webpage to reload.

4. Help in SEO Ranking

Performance and download speed are the main factors to rank a website on google search engine, but AMP will play a vital role in ranking the site among other similar sites on google. If two sites are built equally then google will rank the one with AMP because it knows that AMP downloads faster. Moreover, it is obvious that AMP will reduce the bounce rate and loads faster, so google will rank website with AMP.

5. Help in Site Monetization

AMP provides the support for ads in order to generate revenue. Usually, revenue depends on the ads posted on websites. It is the fact that faster the mobile site, more ads will be allowed on that site. So, using AMP will boost your site and eventually it helps in generating more revenue.


AMP was actually developed with the collaboration of several website companies, tech companies, renowned developers and computer enthusiasts. It was a great revolution in the IT sector. According to the stats, more than 1.5 billion AMP pages have been developed since the date and a lot more are yet ready to develop. Since the AMP has been launched, 25 million websites have published almost 4 billion AMP pages. It is well documented, easy deployable and easy to understand.