Adventure Tourism in Sri Lanka

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Whether you are old or young, your inner motivation and youthfulness might always force you to enjoy adventures. But, to get an adventure experience, you have to find a better destination with a persistent environment. Though Sri Lanka hasn't been branded as an adventure tourism provider, travelers can experience the wonders of adventure within Sri Lanka. Undoubtfully, adventure tourism in Sri Lanka gives you the chance to engage with nature. The available resources of Sri Lanka provide sufficient options to have an amazing adventure tourism experience.

Tourists enjoy jungle and river safaris, scuba diving, surfing, kite surfing, mountain biking, mountaineering, rock-climbing, white-water rafting, canoeing, or windsurfing, all of which fall under the Adventure Tourism sector in Sri Lanka. However, countries that provide adventure tourism must fulfill a few essential requirements

Promoting Adventure Tourism in Sri Lanka

Adventure tourism holds specific differences from other tourism niches, such as eco-tourism and rural tourism. The term "Adventure" refers to a certain amount of "risk" behind extreme joy. The countries that provide adventure tourism must ensure that the destination is completely safe enough to perform such activities. Sustainable Development, Safety and Security, Infrastructure, and Natural Resources of the country are the main standards for promoting adventure tourism. Entrepreneurship is one of the other most impacting parameters to consider while talking about tourism. If there is a better pool of self-employees, it will add more value to the industry.

Now you might be surprised at whether Sri Lanka is up to above quality and standards. As adventure tourism is getting more popular, the Sri Lankan tourism industry also focuses on it. Nowadays, teams headed by the Central Project Management Unit of the Ministry of National Policy are having discussions about improving the above standards. Although Sri Lanka is rich in natural resources, it still belongs to the developing category. Therefore, it is important to develop high standards to enter into the best adventure travel destinations list.

Outdoor and Adventure Activities in Sri Lanka

Although the relevant standards are being set, there are still places in Sri Lanka where you can experience adventure. Some of the best activities are listed below.

White Water Rafting:
The Kelani River is one of the major rivers in Sri Lanka. It starts from the wildness of the central hills. However, the Kelani River in Kitulgala facilitates you to get a white-water rafting experience in Sri Lanka.

The central hills of Sri Lanka have breathtaking natural beauty. If you climb to the peaks of such hills, you will see the heavens of beauty. Even imagining staying above the clouds gives you the feeling of freedom. Hiking through the Knuckles Mountain range, Edam's peak, Pidurangala, and Narangala gives you the best of hiking in Sri Lanka.

Deep-Sea Fishing:
As a country surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka provides enough resources to enjoy deep sea fishing. Even prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, many tourists arrived in Sri Lanka for deep-sea fishing and exploring beautiful beaches. However, Hikkaduwa, Negambo, Mirissa Trincomalee, and Arugam Bay are the main hotspots for deep-sea fishing.