Uncommon Tourist Attractions
in Sri Lanka

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The months of December through April are often the best for visiting Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is known as the pearl of the Indian ocean. You may explore an extensive range of locations and find incredible outdoor landscapes and safari experiences. Moreover, Sri Lanka is also a beach lover's paradise. Sri Lanka's tropical climate, stunning beaches, and delicious food are just a few of the many reasons to visit the country. Not only that, there are several uncommon tourist attractions in Sri Lanka too. The months of December through April are often the best for visiting Sri Lanka. The shoulder season, September, October, and November, is also an excellent time to visit. Following are some uncommon tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

01. St Anthony's Church

St. Anthony's Church is one of the uncommon tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Kochchikade is where the church is situated. Weekends, Tuesdays, and major festivals are the busiest days of the year at the church, attracting pilgrims from all over the world because it is thought that the location may produce miracles.

02. Unawatuna Beach

It is a beautiful banana-shaped beach with golden sand and blue sea, surrounded by green palm trees. A small hill with a Pagoda and a large Buddha statue is located near the west end of the beach. It's a great stroll with a lovely beach view. In the area of the Unawatuna beach, there are many small, charming restaurants and stores that offer souvenirs, clothing, water, jewelry, and other beautiful items.

03. Riverston

The location is about 30 kilometers from Mathale town. Weather conditions are very similar to those found in Horton Plains, with the addition of two magnificent waterfalls, "Sera Ella" and "Bambarakiri Ella," both of which are a sight for sore eyes. Don't forget to relax on the rock seats of "Sera Ella," enjoying the cool misty spray of water on your face, and Thelgamu Oya, which provides an excellent site for swimming in crystal clear but cold water. Traveling to Riverston will no doubt will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

04. Gangaramaya Temple

Gangaramaya is one of the most beautiful and iconic Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. . It includes a combination of modern architecture and cultural significance. The temple, which is a magnificent piece of art, is beautifully constructed and surrounded by sculptures of Buddha, lions, nymphs, and China vases, among other things. The elaborately carved statues line the paths, and doorways leading into the main sanctum sanctorum are absolutely breathtaking.

05. Ambuluwawa

Ambuluwawa is regarded to be one of the attractions in Gampola, a tiny village located near Kandy. When you reach the top of the Ambuluwawa Tower, you will get breathtaking panoramic views. A unique feature of the building is the winding spiral staircase, which some tourists find challenging to navigate. If you are ready to take on the challenge, it is one of the most exciting locations to visit in Sri Lanka.

06. Richmond Castle

The Richmond Castle is located in Kaluthara South. Architectural influences from Europe and South East Asia have been seamlessly blended in the construction of Richmond Castle by skilled builders and architects. Although the house is still under the care of homeless children, guests may take a walk around the garden and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the building. The Richmond Castle is accessible to the public, and its garden serves as a leisure area for many families and kids to enjoy some time together. Furthermore, the main building serves as a museum, which may be visited by anybody interested in learning more about the structure's history.

07. Brief Garden

Brief Garde is located in Beruwala. There is a landscape garden and a former home. Houseplants flow down the walls of the building, covering it in a thick layer of lush greenery. In some arrangements, stems sprout from sculpted pots, while in others, pink flowers burst out to create a brilliant, colorful show. It's a fantastic location, one in which the personality of its creator, as well as his passion for the landscape, come to life.

08. Kande Viharaya

As you approach the Kande Viharaya, the first thing you'll notice is a giant Buddha statue that commands attention. The Buddha statue, which stands 160 feet tall and is cross-legged, is considered one of the world's highest structures. Remember that since this is a religious site, you should wear modestly, with your shoulders and knees covered while you are within the premises. Each step within the temple takes place in a gorgeous environment.

09. Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a moon curve of soft sand home to a world-renowned point break that is often regarded as the best surf location in the country by many surfers. It has become a popular tourist destination for surfers and sun-seekers from across the world. Arugam Bay is also a fantastic starting point for a variety of activities in the nearby hinterland. During the low season (November to April), things get extremely quiet, and many places close altogether, but it can also be a quiet time to visit, with few tourists and verdant landscapes.

10. Ella

Ella, Sri Lanka's relaxation haven, is a charming town set in a lush, green, hilly environment with a great atmosphere. In addition to being a backpacker's paradise, Ella is a fantastic stopover for tourists on their Sri Lanka vacation. Ella is well-known for taking a train trip from Ella to Kandy. The train trip takes about 7 hours and passes directly through tea plantations, making it one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world.